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Qigong Master Jizhou Yang

Qigong Master and Master Teacher Jizhou Yang endured an early life filled with ongoing illness and serious debilitation until, in 1980, he began his personal journey of self-healing by studying Qigong. Within three months of serious practice, Master Yang experienced such a dramatic improvement in his health that he dedicated himself solely to deepening his practice and helping others learn about Qigong self-healing and the higher forms of practice.

Master Yang¡¯s journey of healing research, education and training has led him throughout China and Tibet seeking ¡°hidden¡± Masters who shy away from public exposure. These hidden Masters often are in tune with high forms of practice normally unavailable to people active in everyday life.

Through the discipline of hours of practice daily, retreats of up to three years long and classes taught when possible, Master Yang has developed the Jingang method of Qigong. Jingang Qigong is very effective at restoring health for almost any condition and is exceptionally effective in treating chronic heart disease. Jingang Qigong has helped many people completely recover from heart diseases normally considered fatal.

Unlike many ¡°popular¡± international Qigong Masters, Master Yang shuns publicity and material enrichment. He is a dedicated man working to bring a higher awareness into the world. Master Yang is considered an achieved spiritual master with high enlightment.

Master Jizhou Yang has been the primary Qigong master and the spiritual mentor of Limin Song in the past thirteen years. In 2002 and 2006, Master Yang accepted invitation from EWQI and served many people in Hawaii community. Many people's lives were touched during his visit in the State.

Pictures on the left is Master Yang's grand Master. He left the world at age of 131 and his body has been kept fresh up to date.

Pictures above were scenes from Master Yang¡¯s Qigong lecture
(the light in the pictures was not seen during the lecture,
showing up only after the film was developed)

Pictures below were from Master Yang's Honolulu visit
in 2002-2003

Healing Seminar at Queen's Hospital

Qigong and Health Seminar at Queen's Auditorium

Qigong, Health and Spirit, YMCA

Qigong and Meditation Intense Retreat

Master Yang at Magic Island Beach

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