Welcome to the East West Qigong International!
A Nonprofit Organization


EWQI's Goals

Increase public awareness of Qigong

Bring Qigong into the mainstream as a health practice

Provide individual access to Qigong training in Hawaii, the US and worldwide

Systematically collect data on how personal wellness is effected by practicing Qigong

Scientifically conduct research studies on the relationship between Qigong and people's health

Provide Qigong research information to the US and the world public health net work

EWQIs planned activities

Making Qigong Information readily available

Holding Qigong Seminars

Holding Qigong Classes (intro & advanced)

Conducting a Systematic Research Study into the healing effects of Qigong

Collaborating with other Qigong Organizations

Providing Qigong Information to health care professionals


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